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“The construction of our suits has to be executed with precision, because each piece is an exquisite one of a kind work of art that our customers get to wear.”

André Emilio started with the dream of helping make bespoke suiting of the highest quality accessible to a wider market – unlike any brand ever before. We imagined a new era of completely customized suiting with the most luxurious fabrics, but in a way that allowed more people to buy & wear our exquisite, tailored suits.

André Emilio is our take on the traditional bespoke suit; steeped in Italian traditions of craftsmanship and creativity, as exhibited by the opulent couture houses of Milan. Such craftsmanship has always been reminiscent of a world that is exclusively available to the ultra-wealthy. Thus, we at André Emilio wanted to take this idea of creating unique pieces conceived by couturiers with just one client in mind. In this way, we were able to modify this traditional idea of bespoke suiting & merge it into a more accessible business model, so that more and more people can enjoy the luxury of owning a completely one of a kind, exquisitely designed, bespoke suit. This is what we at André Emilio refer to as the modern day renaissance in traditional couture.

Our goal is to elevate how our customer’s feel about themselves. We want our luxurious & perfectly fitted suits to help our clients be more confident and bold. Every time someone goes out wearing an André Emilio suit, they should feel armoured and ready to conquer their goals and go out knowing that they will be the best dressed at any event. So that regardless of whether you’re at work, or celebrating a special occasion such as a wedding, you look and feel your best.

This is why at André Emilio, we offer elegance in a way that is both innovative and timeless. Redefining the traditional Italian style of suiting with innovative and breath-taking designs, André Emilio continues to allow for the modern gentleman to enjoy a service that merges the practice of classic tailoring with modern designs.

Therefore, our brand is built on a highly personalised service that would be impossible without a strong relationship between the tailor and the customer. This is why every fitting at André Emilio is between the customer and the man crafting the garment- there is no middle-man. This is the exact reason that our suit’s style, cloth, cut, and fit are impeccably tailored to the gentleman’s requirements.

From the first fitting- where our customer’s get to choose from a wide array of fabrics & designs- to the last fitting, we continue to add exquisite, hand-worked details to the garment as it reaches completion. From the inner lining, to the fine buttonholes, horn buttons, & even the adding of our customer’s initials into their bespoke suits, our attention to detail is unparalleled.

The end result is an elegant garment that will last you a lifetime. To book an appointment with André Emilio, you can Call/ WhatsApp 0300-0800744 or 0300-0800745 now.

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