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Suits are always the best outfit for men. If you want to savvy, minimalist dresser, a blue suit is perfect for you because you can easily wear in a wedding event and other special occasions. It easily flatters all skin tones and combines with basically everything on the colour wheel. A fashionable man is all about balance and adaptability in his closet. The proper combination of suits paired with the right accessories can create the illusion of a way larger wardrobe.

Why Blue suit is your preferred Choice

Blue Suit outfit make a person check out the height of his masculinity. It provides you look absolutely staggering, an aura of charisma and character. The purpose behind why modern man preferred blue suit is smoothly inculcated together with their personality and give them completely powerful, and like someone who is often depended upon.

The blue suit is usually best for a person who wants to seem vogue and exquisite. Classic Blue provides a strong foundation as we enter a replacement decade of the fashionable world. Blue features always been the foremost popular colour of the American male who has a tendency to be self-engaged and self-focused.

Classy Blue Suit Combinations:

The blue color shirt is a good choice for a normal workday. Therefore, for the final appearance of a blue suit, a white colour shirt and tie with a combination of red and black is an ideal combination. it's such an excellent combination to pick blue suit and shirt while the tie depicts some pattern.

One’s can wear both the blazer and the trousers as separates, a blue suit like this one really expands the buyer's outfit options for work and play. Just imagine a blue suit with a white shirt or light blue shirt and striped tie. The suit accessories include big cuffs, a high collar, and quality buttons since all types of suits these days have open buttonholes.

Our Line Up

We at Andre Emilio have something for all sophisticated men. Be it Winter or Summer we make sure that regardless of the season our customers remain comfortable yet in style at all times. Our store is located in Gulberg, Lahore (a hub of fashionable men). we’re giving our customers bespoke suits made from the finest fabrics, at the best prices. Redefining the traditional Italian style of suiting with innovative and breath-taking designs, André Emilio continues to allow for the modern gentleman to enjoy a service that merges the practice of classic tailoring with modern designs.

Quick turnaround time on a tailored fitted suit

We offer top-notch customer service for both online and instore customers. We are pleased to invite you to visit our store and our experts will help you to have a best-fit suit as per your preference of colors and style. We offer to customize suiting all over the world through online as well as with physical stores. You can easily customize your very own bespoke suit through our efficient online ordering system and get a hand-made suit, made from the most luxurious fabrics, within just 2 weeks.  We are offering a courier services or shipping services at your door step. For this, additional charges will be charged according to weight.

How to make an Appointment

To book an appointment with André Emilio, you can Call/ WhatsApp 0300-0800744 or 0300-0800745 now. You can also replace the order via online, for this you simple go to our website select a day and give your phone number our representative will call you.