Andre Emilio’s Black Tuxedo Crystal Bead Lapel – the perfect blend of elegance and style. Shop now with free shipping and impress at every event!

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 Slim Fit, Italian cut.

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    Benefits of Choosing Our Black Tuxedo Crystal Bead Lapel

    Our tailors stitch to deliver the finest quality with superior fit as per your requirements. We have a catalog full of bespoke suiting designs where you can choose the suit design. If you don’t find what you are looking for.

    You can go with your own choice of suiting elements. Where you can choose suit lapels, buttons, jacket style, and a number of buttons on cuffs with your monogram embossed on the jacket cuff. A bespoke suit is not only giving you an ultimate comfort level but also boosts your confidence, which reflects your personality. Before getting started, you need to be clear to yourself and your tailor on what kind of Reddish Orange Suit suits you.

    Fabrics and Patterns For Black Tuxedo Crystal Bead Lapel

    The decision to choose the right fabric is very important and complicated. Off course, you are about to spend money to get a superior fit and luxury touch. Wool is an excellent choice for suits due to its versatility and refined look but it’s difficult to choose which wool you should choose for your suit.

    The higher the twist count the more expensive. We at Andre Emilio use 100% wool and which has a 110 thread count in other words we have the world’s finest fabric for bespoke suiting.

    Next is a pattern. It’s the hardest selection part of bespoke suiting. Those who are used to wearing bespoke suits can understand how difficult is this. Pattern and color selection can take most of the time. It’s very difficult when you have so many choices and what transformation you will get after wearing your latest bespoke suit.

    Black Tuxedo Crystal Bead Lapel

    Black Tuxedo Crystal Bead Lapel

    Available Cut & Style for Black Tuxedo Crystal Bead Lapel

    Mainly there are three cuts to consider for suiting, British Cut, American Cut, and Italian Cut. These are the most famous and leading suiting cuts used by the world’s leading men’s bespoke tailors. We offer all three suiting cuts with a customized suiting process. Let’s discuss all cuts and styles one by one it will further clarify what these cuts mean.

    British Suit Cut

    British cut is the cut that fits closer to your body, normally tight-fitting sleeves ending with cuffs and a high armhole. Trousers are also a bit different and have higher cuts with two to three pleats. It’s a perfect style who wants a traditional look. British cut suits are normally preferred by people who use to live in

    The American Cut

    The American cut comes along with a single vent in the jacket, high armholes, straight lines, and flap pockets with natural shoulders without padding for the soft outline. It’s paired with trousers as per your body type. The American cut suits are normally stitched with lighter fabrics and are ideal for the tropical season.

    The Italian Cut

    The Italian cut is more stylish and trendier and best suitable for slim bodies and warm climates. This comes with a mix of British cut, American cut, and slim fit customization for both jackets and trousers. This cut style is very popular among Europeans and Asians. It’s the most commonly picked suiting cut by people in Pakistan as well.

    Bespoke Suit Tailoring

    If you are looking to experience different luxury suiting, soft touch with perfect fit then you need Andre Emilio’s bespoke suiting service. To access our compressive design catalog and styles please visit our website or book an appointment to visit our store and browse through the available fabrics and patterns. Our experienced staff will take your measurements.

    Turnaround Time:

    11 – 14 Working Days

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