Men Suit

Men’s Suit

The men’s suit has been around for a couple of centuries. It has been the traditional form of clothing especially in the western world. Obviously the centuries old Men’s suit was nothing compared to our current Lounge suits. Nevertheless, they were the initial fashion clothing that was a must have for the men.

Dress shirts designs

Importance of Dress Shirts for Men

“Clothes make the Man. Naked people have little or no influence on society” Mark Twain Lately everything seems to go casual. People tend to think that being casual is cool but forget the impression that their every day styling makes on their peers both in the work place and outside. Not to forget that looking…

Bespoke Tailoring The Ultimate Fit

The words “bespoke tailoring” have fallen out of common usage, but they certainly are familiar to any man who is seeking to look his very best! Bespoke originates from a term meaning “to speak for something” in the sense of an order being taken, and in this particular usage, it refers to clothing that is…